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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Discussion about sorting thing out

Discussions about sorting thing out
23rd. March 2005. So Young LEE.

Is it a problem when children grow up and seek independence from their parents?

Introduction- Some children have problems with their parents about what they can or
cannot do and some parents have different ideas about what their children should be allowed to do.

Children opinions

1. They want freedom to do anything. For example, some children want to
smoke, drink, see adult movies, pornographic magazines, going out on
the weekend at night and using the internet for a long time.
2. They want to think for themselves and do everything by
themselves. They don’t want to be ordered around and have to obey their parents
because they have a lot of things they want to do.

Parent’s opinions

1. They think freedom means doing bad or dangerous things. For example, most
parents worry that their children will make some bad friends, see bad
movies, drink alcohol, play bad games, smoke cigarettes and go out to
some bad places.

2. They think that their children should ask them whenever want to do something .
For example, if their children go out to a party, go camping with friends, see
movies, etc.

Finally, I think parents have to give their children some freedom and children have to ask their parents for guidance. Also parents can bring up their children to have a responsibility for what they do. Parents should have a lot of communication with their children when they are developing into responsible adults.