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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Career Information Centre

14th Mar. 2005 So Young Lee

At Career Information centres, it’s all about you and helping you find a job!

This centre is here to help me find the right job-fast, Their team provide a friendly and personal service to ensure that my experience of job seeking is efficient and stress-free. All of their services and facilities for job seeking are offered at no cost to you.

How this centre will help you

Expect a friendly, professional and supportive environment.

* From the minute you arrive at a this Centre, you will work with professionals
who genuinely care about you getting a job, staff will treat you as a real person,
not a number.

* This centres are experienced and friendly Employment Consultants will listen,guide,
advise, encourage and help you with job applications.

* Whether you come to us via Centrelink or call into this centres first, we will explain
more about the services available and agree on an action plan to get things moving.

* You will go away with a clear understanding of what we will do for you and what
you can do to help yourself. One popular `self-help` activity is joining with other
job seekers at a regular time each week to share ideas among the group, enjoy like-
minded and pick up job-finding tips.

* This centres are like an internet café. Their facilities include phone, fax,
computers, the internet and newspapers. Jobseekers registered with job find have
free use of all facilities for their regular job seeking activities. Their friendly
team of Employment Consultants are also on hand to offer advice.

At a this centre it’s all about seekers and helping you find a job!


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