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Monday, February 21, 2005

Bankstown AMES

BANKSTOWN AMES( Adult Migrant English Centre)
22nd.Feb.2005. SoYoung Lee

The Adult Migrant English Centre at Bankstown is one of several government English language schools for newly-arrived, adult migrants who need English language training for further study or employment.

The centre is located in Jacobs Street close to Bankstown Square and opposite Bankstown Council offices.

It is a two-storey, blue, brick and cement building. At the front of the building, there are steps and a ramp. On the ground floor there is a reception area, about 7 classrooms, childcare, teachers’ staff room and amenities. The first floor has a library, computer room, counsellor’s room and five classrooms.

There are many different staff in the centre: trained, experienced adult ESL teachers; friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, bilingual reception staff.

The students at the centre have different nationalities and different language, education and cultural backgrounds. They have a range of English levels needs which depends on their previous English study and current goals.

If you want to join a class at AMES you need to make an appointment for an interview to find out if you are eligible and what time is suitable for you to study.


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